pt" src="../static/js/analytics.js?v=1494891701.0" charset="utf-8"> Alternate Shipping Authorization Form
Preferred Auto & RV
2028 N. Montana Ave.
Helena, MT 59601
Phone: 406-449-4599
Fax: 406-449-4711

Alternate Shipping Authorization Form

In the interest of your (our customer’s and the cardholder’s) protection, we request
that this form be filled out in order for us to ship goods to an address other than the
billing address listed for the credit card being used for this purchase.
Please attach the required items and photocopy this document, then fax
the copy to us at:  406-449-4711.
We will not ship to an alternate address without this form on file
  Attach ID (Drivers License)
   that clearly shows address.

  Attach Actual Credit Card
Clearly print the credit card # with the expiration date and sign here:

C/C #__________________________________________ Exp: ____/____/____

I hereby authorize good equaling this value $_____________ to be shipped to the
alternate address listed here:




Signature of Cardholder:________________________________________